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Budget 2022: E-vouchers doubled to HK$10,000 to boost local consumption

Every permanent resident in Hong Kong will get $10,000 in electronic vouchers, the Financial Secretary announced in the budget today. But with tough Covid measures, some people in the restaurant industry doubt if they will benefit.


Budget 2022: Efficacy of HK$67.5 billion healthcare spending has been questioned

The budget sets aside $67.5 billion dollars to fight the pandemic. Those include funds for vaccines, new healthcare facilities and potential future spending. But some people involved in the fight against Covid question if the money will benefit those in need.


One last haircut and worship before toughened Covid rules

As Covid cases in the city hit record high, religious premises and hair salon are required to close for two weeks starting from Thursday. Citizens rushed to barber shops and temples today, seized the final opportunity for a nice haircut and good fortune.

Culture & Leisure

Cancellation of Lam Tsuen Well-wishing Festival under Covid-19

Covid forces cancellation of the Lam Tsuen Well-wishing Festival for a second year. Well-wishing Square is closed for the first 15 days of Lunar New Year.


Covid lockdown in Kwai Chung leaves residents in the lurch


Edward Leung Tin-kei released after six years in prison

Edward Leung Tin-kei, a former spokesman for Hong Kong Indigenous, was freed from prison after serving four years for his role in the 2016 clashes in Mong Kok . Karmen Li and Jayde Cheung documented Leung’s route to “freedom” and recapped his story before jail.


Learning Through Lived Experience

Art opens our minds and shows us what could be possible in our world. Tan Zhiwen talks to a fine art teacher in mainland China who explains that learning is a lived experience.


Best African Cook In Town

Hong Kong has a small African population, but Malick Gai talks to the “best African chef in town” as he cooks up a storm!


The Disappearing Derung

With a population of merely 7000, the Derung is one of the smallest ethnic groups in China. Most of them live remotely along Dulong River in Yunnan province. Some of the tribe members are trying very hard to preserve their unwritten language and unique culture amid the influence of the outside world.


Scripts For Hong Kong

Calligraphy signboards, hand-painted minibus signs and ‘Prison Gothic’ on traffic signs are important elements of Hong Kong street scenes. Nicole Ko talked to those who created and are preserving these fonts of Hong Kong.